pre-made customized gourmet meals


Make healthy eating simple with delicious fresh pre-made meals.



All meals are naturally gluten-free and are tailored to fit your specifications and dietary restrictions (low-carb, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic etc).  Ingredients are both seasonal and organic, with a weekly changing menu. Meals are delivered right to your home, making eating healthy delicious and convenient. 


Recovery Package - 3 Days (Mon, Tu, Wed)

Refocus and regroup with a week of clean eating!  See and feel the results with a week of slimming fresh calorie controlled meals


Includes Customized: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 7 days

Delivery is made Sunday, Wednesday, Friday evenings



Price $56/day 

Fit Package - 5 Days (Mon-Fri)

The perfect way to make eating healthy throughout the work week both convenient and delicious. 


Includes Customized: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 5 days*

Delivery is made Sunday & Wednesday evenings



Price $58/day*


 questions or special requests?

   call 708-829-6856


*Delivery is an additional fee of $15/per package, except Diet Package is free delivery





Please place orders for the following 

week by Friday evening ....


i.e. if you would like to order food next 

week - place order by this Friday