Does it need to be refridgerated?

YES! Our products are always super fresh with no preservatives, thus they are perishable and need to be refridgerated promptly.

 Shelf Life:

We believe that fresh = tasty.  This is why all of our cleanses are made to order specifically for you! Due to the fresh nature of our product & the fact that we have no preservatives in them ever, we recommend consuming your cleanse within 7 days of picking it up. If you would like to extend the shelf life beyond that, please put them in the freezer.

Can they be frozen and if so how long?

Yes! If you’d like to freeze our products to extend the shelf life, please place them in the freezer immediately. They are good for up to 2 months once frozen.

 If I freeze your products, how do I defrost them?


We recommend just placing them in your fridge and letting them defrost on their own.  We specifically recommend throwing your nutmilk in a blender after its defrosted in order to reblend ingredients. 


We recommend either a) placing them in your fridge and letting them defrost on their own or b) removing soup from its packaging and defrosting it in a small pan on the stove

 Do the soups have to be heated to consume?

It’s up to you! All of our soups are created to be delicious hot or chilled – so pull them right out of the fridge & sip or heat gently and then consume. However, our alkaline waters & nutmilks should be consumed chilled.

 Can they be microwaved?    

Yes, our soups can be microwaved – just be sure to transfer to your favorite mug or microwave safe container. 

If you have purchased our soup in a BPA-free jar, this container is microwave safe and the product can be heated up right in the container.

 Why are they not all in bottles as shown on website?

Due to the high volumes of hurricanes last season, there is a shortage of the plastic used to make our microwavable jars.  Once they are available again, we will update our packaging for the cleanse.

Timing of cleanse - what time do I start. How often do I eat them - is timing that important?

 We recommend starting within 30 minutes of waking up in order to get your metabolism going.  Our flavored alkaline water was specifically created to bring the body back to a state of alkalinity & aid digestion.  After your alkaline water, continue to consume the rest of your cleanse on 2 hour intervals.  In between, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, to aid the detoxification & keep you well hydrated.  If you tend to be very hungry upon waking, feel free to swap your water for the nutmilk which contains the highest calories of all your goodies.  The cleanse is in order for a specific reason, however, you will not "ruin" it by eating items out of order.  You will still benefit from the detox & nourishing qualities of the soups.

I’ve started the cleanse and am experiencing a headache, fatigue, etc. – is that normal?

Completely. Depending on your normal diet, moving to such a clean diet can sometimes be a shock to the body.  As your body starts to purge toxins, particularly the first day, you may experience a headache.  Since the calorie count of the cleanse is on the low end, you may also find yourself feeling fatigued initially.  However, as your body acclimates, most people find themselves feeling energized & refreshed.

 Can I eat something to supplement the cleanse? If so what. 

The cleanse clocks in at about 1200 calories which alone is definitely enough nutrition for the day.  However, if you find that your body is craving more calories, we recommend sticking with some steamed veggies or half of an avocado with a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt.

 Can I workout while doing the cleanse?

Yes, in fact we encourage light yoga or stretching to help enhance the detoxifying results.

When will SoupScription will that be available?

Our Soupscription program will be available later this summer.  The perfect work week lunch solution! We will be sending out an email, so make sure you are subscribed to get updates.

 Pickup/delivery Disclaimer

Skinny Souping is an online business - we do not have our own retail location. However, as a courtesy to our customers we offer the option to pickup for free.  Since this isn’t our own location, we only have 1 slotted afternoon to pickup. If something comes up that you need to change to a delivery option, please let us know asap via email so we can get your cleanse to you (you will be billed the normal delivery price). 

If you schedule to pick-up but are a no-show & do not contact us for a delivery we will then assume that you are forfeiting your product. You will not be able to reschedule it due to the fact that our product is fresh & made to order for you.

Rescheduling/cancellation Disclaimer

Due to the fresh nature of our business, we make all of our products fresh & to order.  For this reason, if you need to reschedule your order we ask that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance (by Friday evening).  Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance we cannot guarantee because your cleanse is already made.